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Our Favourite Cars As We Look Ahead to 2016


What are you planning for 2016? Perhaps you are planning to travel to visit your friend at the other end of the country, hold a flashy corporate event for your business, or even – wow – get married! The broad range of cars that we offer, and the similarly broad range of services through which we offer them, can help to meet many of your luxury transport needs in 2016.

Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

For many of us, getting behind the wheel of a luxurious super car can simply be out of our financial reach. However, hiring such a car can be a completely different story! If there’s a friend or member of your extended family who you want to travel a lengthy distance to visit in 2016, there are numerous advantages of hiring an Aston Martin DB9 Coupe in preparation.

One is that travelling through the beautiful British countryside in this similarly beautiful vehicle, often dubbed one of the best V12 engine Aston Martin motors ever produced, can be an experience like no other. Another reason is that you can make a big, positive impression on your friend or family member when you turn up in this gorgeous car! You could then even then take them for a ride in it…

Rolls Royce Ghost

Maybe you run a thriving business and have decided to throw something of a party to thank your employees for all of their hard work. You could especially amaze your workers by appearing at the event in the Rolls Royce Ghost, one of the numerous executive motors you can hire from Prestige Keys. This particular vehicle is well-suited to corporate events; it has the trademark glamourous look of a Rolls Royce, but its small and compact size in comparison to the rest of that brand’s range also gives it a subdued and authoritative air that commands respect.

Mercedes E Class Convertible

So, your significant other has proposed – or received a proposal from you – and there’s been a “yes”. Among the various factors you’ve got to think over about your wedding in 2016 are: what car should you use to get to the wedding venue or whisk off on the honeymoon? We personally recommend the Mercedes E Class Convertible, which looks distinctively classy but understated. It’s available as part of our wedding car hire services, and strikes just the right visual balance for drawing attention, but for the right reasons. Throw the bouquet!

Which supercar makes the best sound?


The question “Which supercar makes the best sound?” is undoubtedly tricky to answer, for a wide range of reasons. Hence, we can’t give you a single straight answer here; still, we can suggest good examples of nice-sounding supercars and provide advice for helping you to reach your own conclusion.

How would you like your supercar to sound?

Here is perhaps the single biggest reason why objectively judging a supercar’s sound is difficult: it’s really only practical to reach a subjective judgement. Different people tend to be attracted to different sounds; some of us like a car that makes a big entrance, so to speak, with an almighty roar, while others prefer a sleeker and quieter sound for more unassuming journeys.

The specific purpose for which you want a supercar will have its own influence. We at Prestige Keys offer super car hire for a wide range of uses – including executive chauffeured travel and corporate events, for which a quieter car could come across as more professional, and parties and proms, where a louder car could deliver a much appreciated “wow” factor.

Don’t be afraid to ask for other people’s opinions

There are other ways in which you could judge which supercar sounds nicest for you. You could, for example, ask friends for their opinions or, if they lack the sufficient experience of supercars, ask some people on relevant Internet forums. You could even find the video sharing site YouTube to prove a fantastic source of videos showing how various prestige cars sound; in fact, the car website GTspirit has recently brought together a variety of such videos so you don’t have to.

Let’s consider some expert opinion…

Of course, GTspirit has its own views of which supercars sound especially good, having written a lengthy article on the subject to accompany those YouTube videos. And what they have to say is especially good news if you have been considering getting your hands on a supercar from our car hire company of Prestige Keys…

The prestige vehicles that the site strongly praises for aural performance include the Lamborghini Gallardo, which it calls “one of the finest sounding Lamborghinis ever produced”. It adds that the car “produces a completely distinct roar which is recognisable from a mile away”. You can hire the Lamborghini Gallardo from Prestige Keys! We also offer the Porsche Carrera 4S Convertible; GTspirit praises another version of this car for its “howl”.