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Chauffeured & Limousine Travel

Executive Chauffeured Travel
Prestige Keys chauffeured travel is our private service for all corporate executives and VIP’s. Prestige Keys understands security and privacy as well as a reliability and efficiency is a must. Through our service we target these three main areas whilst being aware of our costs, we deliver an experience and peace of mind to all clients, that your travel needs are taken care of.

Airport Transfers
Our Meet and Greet service as well as a collection from airports to specified destinations will not let you down and ensure you arrive at your destination safe and in style.

Limousine Hire
Prestige Keys has a unique range of limousines for transport of 6+ persons on occasions such as Proms and Parties and also Weddings. Look at our fleet to get further details of our limousines.

Parties and Proms
Over the last few years Proms and NRA’s and become increasingly glamourous and require a flexible and reliable source to fit the needs of there requirements. Prestige Keys offers a friendly affordable packages to young students to make sure there day is memorable. Prestige Keys also offers these services for hen nights, private functions and birthday surprises.

Limousine Hire
When a person hires a limousine, in most cases it is to celebrate a memorable day in their life. This is the reason at prestige-keys.co.uk, we understand that every limousine occasion is a special occasion. We go to great lengths to ensure our clients experience the joy of their occasion. We specialize in Limousine services for weddings, Proms, Birthday parties and other special occasions such as transporting celebrities to receive awards. When you choose our limousine hire, we have the most professional chauffeurs who understand the importance of keeping time and how to make a grand entrance to an event.

Our fleet includes some of the newest and latest models as well as classics. If you fancy an 8-10-seater limousine, you can choose between an Audi Q7 limousine or the Chrysler 300 limousine. Each of them is perfect for your needs. They both have the power and prestige to add flavor to your big day. If you wish to ride with your family or friends, the Hummer H2 limo oozes power and will give you a capacity of 12-18 passengers. The interior of this limo is simply fantastic with light effects that will amaze you. In case you want something with more acceleration, the Ferrari Limo is your choice. This 6-seater requires you to fasten your seatbelt as you enjoy the rush of speed as it takes off. For a jaw-dropping presidential looking limo, we have the Lincoln limo. This one-of-a-kind legendary limo has an interior that offers comforts beyond the normal 5-star service. It has state of the art entertainment on-board that will make your journey seem exceptionally fast. The Lincoln navigator on the other hand will offer you and your friends a dream experience. With a capacity of 18, you can all sip champagne and enjoy the entertainment facilities as you are transported to your destination. Our limousine hire cannot be complete without the Range Rover sport. Being one of the most admired cars, this limo has outstanding comforts and the power, prestige and comfort you can only get from a Range Rover sport limo.

Our services are much more than just having the right cars. Our drivers are courteous and come dressed for the occasion. We have the experience of handling events that come with a lot of pressure. Our fleet also has the necessary insurance cover to cater for the capacity of the passengers in the vehicle. In addition, we also have back-up systems in place in the unlikely event that one of our limos breaks down. While some limo services will charge you a fortune, we charge competitive rates that are fair in comparison with the rest of the industry. You may have heard of cases where unethical limo companies overbook their vehicles and offer them an alternative vehicle. Not with us, we encourage you to visit our offices and select the limo of your choice which will be serviced and kept ready for your special day. You also get an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the entertainment offering and make any special requests ahead. We also have many clients who are willing to vouch for our services and make a point of giving you referrals if you wish to find out their experiences with us. If you are looking for the most flexible limousine hire, look no further. Give us a call and make us part of your special occasion.