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Prestige Keys Car Hire has introduced the most unique, flexible and affordable membership in the luxury travel industry. The purpose of our memberships are so clients can feel they are part of something exciting and special without any limitations. Not only that we feel our members should be rewarded under our schemes, they should be able to gain whilst purchasing one of our services and these membership tariffs set out to achieve just that goal.

There is NO points system or limits into how much you can spend or how many cars you can hire, infact our membership is based on NO LIMITS. A member will receive the same discount for the whole duration of the membership until it expires, no matter how many times they use one of our services. Discounts are applied to all our services so no matter what service you use, being a Prestige Keys Car Hire Member has savings for you on every purchase.

For more additional information or to purchase a Membership call us on 0779 2781 873

Membership Price Table

Membership Prices 2012

A member can use his discounts on as many purchases as he wishes over the course over his membership.
A member has priority and first choice of vehicles over existing and new customers
A member subject to our terms and conditions, can access our Hypercar Fleet.

Valid Passport
Valid UK Driving License/ International
Bank Account/Bank statements
Proof of Address/ UK residency
Credit Check for access to Hyper Cars only

Download our Membership Brochure for further information